Red Aventurine Bracelet ~ Joy ~ Courage ~ High Energy ~ Positive ~ Goal Setting

Red Aventurine Bracelet ~ Joy ~ Courage ~ High Energy ~ Positive ~ Goal Setting

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Type: Tumbled; Polished 

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Red Aventurine brings high energy, courage, and joy to its wearer. it helps keep the morale up during challenging times and aids in maintaining a positive and hopeful state of mind. It guides you to manifest your visions by encouraging you to take action and be highly devoted to your desired goals. 

This crystal leads you to set a strong foundation and inherent connection to Mother Earth by building and enhancing the sensations of strength, vitality, and comfort through the whole body. 

The mesmerizing sunny red hues of aventurine empower it with a strong and luminous energy to supply your magical lively soul with innate and unwavering motivation so you can regain your confidence and courage to undertake your most desired goals and actually achieve them. 

The micro inclusions of hematite and mica work on reinforcing and enhancing the grounding and revitalizing powers of the Red Aventurine crystal. 

The grounding nature of the hematite element and the twinkling bursts of the mica component provide a fundamental energy boost especially when we need that extra push so we can maintain our motivation and enthusiasm levels to continue on a thriving path. 

Red Aventurine: Meaning and Properties - Crystals and Joy

We encourage everyone to cleanse their crystals before programming them with their intentions. Although crystals have a fixed molecular structure, they will often absorb the energies around them. It is especially important to cleanse your crystals after purchasing them from stores as you never know who may have touched them or what passing energies they have been in the company of.
There are a number of ways to cleanse your crystals! Using your own intention to cleanse them can be very effective! However, it is important to note that you must be in a good state of mind as whatever mind chatter may inadvertently program the crystal. You can also cleanse them with the energies of the moon or sun, bury them in the Earth, wash them in running water, smudging with sage or Palo Santo, or bathing them in a bowl of rice. Methods to do so are plentiful and your intuition would serve you well in figuring out what is best for the crystal!

However, it is important to also mention that not all crystals can be placed in water as they will disintegrate. Leaving some crystals in the sun for too long may even fade the color. Doing further research on how to care for your specific crystal will help greatly!

When in doubt, Sage is the safest go-to cleansing method!

***We DO NOT advise the use of SALT for long periods of time when cleansing your Calcite crystals as they can wear them down due to the softness of the crystal****