Black Kyanite Crystal Necklace - Kyanite Healing Crystal - Protection Amulet - Wire Wrapped Kyanite Pendant

Black Kyanite Crystal Necklace - Kyanite Healing Crystal - Protection Amulet - Wire Wrapped Kyanite Pendant

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~ The Stone of Revival


Qty: 1

Type: Raw

Wire: Copper Wire

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Black Kyanite is a favorite among many energy healers due to its powerfully healing energies. In our practice, we often use it to fan away any negative energies from ourselves and our clients. It has the power to repair holes and tears within the auric field, and can be placed on any chakra to heal, balance, and re-align them. A natural harmonizer, Black Kyanite helps to balance our yin and yang energies. It has the ability to tap into our Earth Star Chakra (Chakra below our feet), stimulating it to open, clearing away root-chakra related issues and helping is to better ground the energies into the Earth. In our day to day lives, we often encounter varying environments and a number of other people. Being vibrational beings, we often pick up other people’s energetic “junk” or environmental energies that will often affect our vibrational state of being—shifting our emotions and thoughts. It is very important to shield ourselves from this outside energies, and Black Kyanite is especially effective in helping to cut etheric cords and sweeping away unwanted attachments or influences. Black Kyanite is especially great for grounding, especially when used with other high vibrational crystals. Using Black Kyanite with Apophyllite or other high-vibrational crystals during meditation can help to access subconscious insights, increase intuition and clairvoyance, as well as tapping into past lives. It can be used alone, as it is already powerful as is, but using it in tandem with others is also beneficial! Tranquil in nature, Black Kyanite is both grounding and energizing—a wonderful stone to have in our daily workings. Sleeping with Black Kyanite will facilitate dream recall. However, it is important to remember that this stone is somewhat fragile and should be placed or held with care. We advise you not to cleanse your Kyanite with water as it may disintegrate, flake or break. Something we have noticed about Black Kyanite, much like Moldavite, is that it may cause reactionary responses from others whom you may encounter. It is such a high vibrational stone that not everyone is able to withstand how quickly it draws out aspects of the self that need to be faced and released. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful stone to work with and have! —————————————————————————

CHAKRAS: Root, Earth Star

SUN SIGNS: Aries, Taurus, Libra ————————————————————————————————————— 


We encourage everyone to cleanse their crystals before programming them with their intentions. Although crystals have a fixed molecular structure, they will often absorb the energies around them. It is especially important to cleanse your crystals after purchasing them from stores as you never know who may have touched them or what passing energies they have been in the company of. ————————————————————————————————————— 


There are a number of ways to cleanse your crystals! Using your own intention to cleanse them can be very effective! However, it is important to note that you must be in a good state of mind as whatever mind chatter may inadvertently program the crystal. You can also cleanse them with the energies of the moon or sun, smudge with sage or Palo santo, or bury them in the Earth. Methods to do so are plentiful and your intuition would serve you well in figuring out what is best for the crystal! Being that Kyanite is rather fragile, we advise you to be careful with them. ***Please DO NOT place Kyanites in water as they will disintegrate.*** Doing further research on how to care for your specific crystal will help greatly!