With consistent meditative practice you are able to use the mind like a lazer. You are able to focus on a certain “visualization” or “intention” for an extended period of time. When you use the mind like this you are able to use it like a steering wheel for energy. So, what I do as an energy healer is I am able to guide unhealthy energies (emotional trauma, mental trauma, physical trauma and energetic blockages) out of the body (energy field). The session is anywhere from 40m to 1hr depending on the person. 


The entire time my hands are gently placed on the head as I guide the energy out. This same technique can also be done at a distance through meditative intention and visualization. You are relaxing the entire time and I help you get into a meditative state to be most receptive to what I’m doing! After I release whatever energies we choose to focus on, I then use my energy techniques which are visualizations, to input super healthy energy which could be: clarity, concentration, focusing, confidence etc.


People come out of the energy healing feeling lighter, clearer and “clean” once the new energies are installed you will begin to notice your mental, emotions and energies start to shift and your life will follow through with whatever input energies were done!


Hopefully this helps you understand what is happening! Energy healing is also known as Reiki, which is a Japanese word for it. My normal rate is 120 per session, which includes gifting of crystals, a tarot session and an hour long energy healing! If people like to come more consistently I always offer discounts and addition deals! Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any questions!

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